Visual Intelligence Vol 3 by Huge

Enhance Your Visual Content Skills and Expand Your Career or Business Opportunities with Visual Intelligence Course

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Mastering Visual Content: Your Outcome


Master Content Creation and Boost Your Monthly Earnings up to 1mln AMD


Create Content that Conquers Social Networks: Sell Products or Services with Ease


Elevate Your Skills and Become the Go-To Expert in Fashion, Beauty, and More


Master the Art of Aesthetic Perception and Atmosphere Communication


Unleash Your Creativity and Pursue Your Dreams with the Perfect Business Match


Inspire and Be Recognized by a Wide Audience as a Leader in Your Field


Master the Art of Quickly Boosting Your Projects on Social Networks and Attracting Customers


Acquire Effective Tools for Work or Pursuing Your Passions

This Education is Perfect for You If.

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  • Searching for a career change and want to improve yourself
  • Already a content creator and work in the digital field, but want to level up your skills and reach new heights in your career
  • You are a blogger or want to start blogging
  • You have an existing project or want to start a new one

Visual Intelligence Course Overview

October 15 (Online)“Welcome to the world of Visual”
October 17 (Online)“Page optimization”
October 20 (Offline)"Discover Personal & Commercial Brand. Theory & practice“
October 21 (Offline)"Unlocking the Power of Content Creation"
October 24 (Online)"Discover Your Personal Style & Help Clients Shine"
October 26 (Offline)"Step into the Producers' Work Routine"
October 29 - November 1 (Online)“Visual Aesthetics from A to Z”
November 4 (Online)“Master in Editing”
November 8-November 10 (Online)“Workshops on Posing and Product photography”
November 13 (Online)“Video Content is King”
November 15 (Offline)“Practice your knowledge in photo making”
November 18 (Offline)“Learn how to promote your brand”
November 20 (Online)“Unlock the power of portfolio”
Offline Classes
October 20"Discover Personal & Commercial Brand. Theory & practice“
October 21"Unlocking the Power of Content Creation"
October 26"Step into the Producers' Work Routine"
November 15“Practice your knowledge in photo making”
November 18“Learn how to promote your brand”
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Become a Content Creator

15 Core Modules + 5 Bonus Module
+ 50 Supporting Materials
Q&A Session with Tamita
Group Session with a Psychologist
Personalized Homework Evaluations and Feedback
Collaborative Work with Curators
Weekly Zoom Meetings with a Curator
Access to a Course Channel (A Channel for Content and Design Ideas)
A Completion Certificate for Those who Finish All Tasks
2 Offline Shooting Workshops + 1 Offline Shooting with Curators
Group Session with Local Influencer
A Vacancy Chat for a Year
Job offer for 5 Top Students
Internship Opportunity
Actual Portfolios to Enter the Market
Opportunity to Attend the Graduation Event:Available for All Participants who Complete Course

Duration 1 month + homework sessions with curators [Offline & Online classes]245,000 AMD
Duration 1 month + homework sessions with curators [Online classes only]195,000 AMD
If I have no experience in content creation, can I participate?
Yes. There is a creative beginning in every person, and observation develops day by day like any other skill. The Depártment of Aesthetics was created not only for people who have realized their creative destiny. Education is also useful for those who are in search, looking for a breath of fresh air, striving for beauty and wanting to give shape to ideas.
How can training help me make money?
Atmospheric and aesthetic content quickly spreads through recommendations and publics, gaining a large number of likes and views. This is a great advertisement for your personal brand, product or service. Good content creators are hunted by brands and are in demand in any market. All the acquired skills will be useful both in the promotion of a personal blog and a commercial account or business.
How is the training going?
Training takes place on the Uteach platform & offline.All offline meetings also will be recorded and will be available on Uteach platform. You will receive an email with a link with detailed instructions before starting the course.
Can I study from my phone?
Yes, training can be done over the phone. It is important that you have a stable Internet connection to access materials and chat with students, complete practical tasks, attend meetings.

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